Sharpening Your X-Factors for Success

Everyone share a common starting point in life. None of us are born standing, walking or talking. We all have the same start.

Yet our lives will turn out very differently! Why?

We breathe the same air, eat a common range of calories, and mostly start out with similar basic opportunities, etc..

Yet we will never end the same! We will have different levels of successes. Why?

There are key ingredients, factors and choices that can turn us from ordinary to outstanding!

I have been asked to inspire young adults in the working or business world.

So, I’m excited to speak on “Sharpening Your X-Factors for Success.”

I would like to invite you to come. It’s FREE! When you apply some of the principles I will show you, life cannot be the same.

You can change your destiny!

Here’s my personal invitation to you on video:

When: Friday, 21 August 15, 7.30 pm.
Where: China Square Central.

Sign up here FREE. Click for details.

If you can’t come or missed it:

• Pick up my iPOSSIBLE book at Popular, MPH or Kinokunia Bookstores in Singapore or get it online on this website. I guarantee that if you apply some of the principles, life will never be the same again.

• Get on the reserve list for a Free eGuide so you don’t have to buy anything — email us your name, email address, mobile phone number (optional) and country to info@iPossible-International.com

• Write to me at benjaminfoo@iPossible-International.com if I can be of some assistance to you. I will reply you.

I encourage you to work on one of the above options to change your destiny!


About Benjamin Foo

Benjamin is author of iPOSSIBLE, a book that inspires readers with new perspectives and practical strategy and steps to take to reach their fullest possibilities. He seeks to engage youth and young adults and change people’s future, drawing on his experience, including previously that of an executive vice president of a major publicly-listed company. He welcomes you to message him on and “Like” iPOSSIBLE Life on Facebook or email benjaminfoo@iPossible-International.com

Benjamin Foo

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