How to Use Your Hidden Power to Change Each Day!

Over a late night dinner, a couple of good friends got me thinking.  “You should share it on Facebook,” they said. Because it will help others. “Really?” I thought.

It’s ridiculous, actually. Because we hear close to zero about it. Yet it makes one of the biggest impact on us. And me … I took half a life time to realise it. Shucks!


WHAT IS IT? I wish I could sit you down. Nothing like talking face-to-face. Coffee? … okay, so here’s the next best thing. Let me share a gist of it — for anyone to self help.

I’m 100% certain that if you understand and apply it, it will begin to lift you to a new type of thinking, living and peak performing.  “Is this for real,” you may think.


LET’S START. How was your morning today when you woke up? How would you rate it?  1 is extremely bad (sad, low in spirit, unmotivated) and 10 is excellent (happy, full of energy, highly motivated). What’s your score?

If you are consistently 10 — read no further. This is not for you. But let me go on for most of the rest of us who are usually between 1 and 10.

Sometimes, we wake up like a Ferrari revving and raring to go conquer the day. Most times, after hitting the snooze button many times, we drag ourselves up. Often our life and energy can feel like we have a punctured tired. And after pumping it up, it keeps getting flat! Darn!


WHY? You and I have 1 part of us that turns us on or off instantly. It happens when we start our day and face different situations. This is the hidden part of us — our spirit, heart or inner person. It is also the place where we feel and where our strong emotional forces lie. These feelings could be a positive force that energises and compels us to do great things or a negative one that deflates us, hold us back or paralyses us.

It’s invisible. But it’s 100% real and powerful. For example, when you fall in love with someone. What is that? Do you question the reality of “love”? So “love” is real and a very powerful emotional force, isn’t it?

Sometimes you may feel depressed, discouraged, nervous, hurt, angry, frustrated, fearful, etc.. At other times, you may feel estatic, happy, compassionate, proud, courageous, etc.. These are all real, very powerful emotions, wouldn’t you agree?

This is the hidden root that impacts everything else. It moves us. It can be disruptive and destructive. It can be energising and empowering. It impacts your mind, outlook, motivation, actions and results.

So often when our spirit, heart or feelings is out of sync with what is needed, we go to war with it. We fight it to bring it reluctantly to subjection and alignment to what we have to do.

Two problems here: we either let ourselves be subjected to our low spirits or try to fight our emotions but generally lose the battle.


I FOUND A BETTER WAY.  We can learn to switch the frequency of our emotions so that it flows with where we need to go!

If you wake up and can instantly change the state of your spirit or emotions to let you charge ahead, wouldn’t that be good?

I found a way to change my less than best moments and day. So can you. Wouldn’t that be useful?


HERE ARE 2 STEPS — to break free from the clutches of negative emotions and exchange them for a positive force.


Step 1:  Stop Entertaining Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, do they not? They hold you back, pull you down and make you do hurtful things to yourself and others.

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In extreme cases, for example, deep depression strips away hope and the meaning in living.

So, stop it, right now! Cut off any negative thoughts. This will stop the flow of negative, discouraging feelings immediately.

But stopping negative thoughts alone only leaves a gap. At best, it neutralises your situation. To be effective, you need to replace it with something else helpful.


Step 2:  Start Creating Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts lead to positive emotions. They help you to rise and be mentally ready to better accomplish what you need to do each day.

In extreme cases, for example, deep love can fill a mother with tremendous strength to save her child in danger.

But positive thoughts and emotions don’t just turned on at the flick of a switch, do they?

That’s why you need to learn to re-create it. How? That’s a subject for another book! Want to advance order one? Kidding. I haven’t decided nor have a title. But really there’s far more than can be adequately covered here.

Nevertheless, how?


Here are 2 Quick Tips:

  • Smile at Your New Day & What You Face

This is a quick way to instantly turn around your attitude, thinking and outlook.

2015-09-25 Smile

What if it hurts bad? Cry first to unload. Pray. Then move on to create a smile, however small, at the adversity.

There’re always reasons to smile. And it’s okay to smile first, then find the reason!

So, smile, right now!  This will start the flow of positive, energising feelings.

It re-positions you to better tackle your challenges more optimistically.

  • Re-Live Your Happy Moments in Life

This is a good way to begin turning up your spirit, feelings and emotions.

2015-09-25 Happiness in Sand

Recall the times and feelings you felt in your many happy and proud moments in life. These could be moments you experienced by yourself or with other loved ones, friends, colleagues and associates.

Think right now! What is one happy memory, one proud accomplishment or one moment of selflessness?

This will trigger thankfulness, new thoughts and positive emotions. It will lift your spirit and make you raring to charge forward. There are more ways, including our faith, that will create in us grateful hearts, thankful spirits and new courage each day.


Try it Immediately. Keep at it for at least 3 days. See how you’ve changed yourself and your day. Continue using it when you see it work. You have nothing to lose. And all to gain. May you charge ahead stronger each day. God bless you.

If you found this useful, just leave simple comment below. And if you have any suggestions, feedback or questions, email me and I will reply you.


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