Hi, I’m Benjamin Foo — a friend of those who want to live their best lives! I love to inspire, influence and impact lives and organisations to help create results and change destinies. That’s why I wrote iPOSSIBLE® to give new hope and help that spurs the peak performance, success and significance of individuals and organisations.

Are you a leader of an organisation, a business owner,  an executive or an individual at the cross-roads of life?  What will happen if  you could raise the level of leadership in your organisation to a whole new level? Do you or your organisation have an intentional plan for professional growth and leadership development?  You will find that I can sincerely add value to you and what you do. Just drop me a note.

Everything rises and falls on leadership that starts with us.  Everyone of us must keep learning and growing in how we lead ourselves and lead others.  Our life and organisations will rise to new heights when we intentionally grow and raise the level of our development and leadership to its best.

As a leader or business owner, it can be pretty lonely at the top.  Tell me about it. Sometimes a small shift in thinking, perspective and action can lead to a more engaging and fulfilling journey for you and your organisation.

I’m grateful to have a good understanding of how organisations, businesses, senior executives, teams and people work — as an Executive Vice President of Singapore Exchange previously with over 20 years of experience, having successfully started a new international business and  built highly-motivated teams.

Now as a John Maxwell* certified speaker and executive coach, I enjoy using my experience combined with John Maxwell’s proven principles and methods to add value to organisations, leaders, business owners, senior executives, and individuals, through speaking, leadership conversations, mastermind groups, and executive coaching in areas such as:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Organisation Development for Growth
  • Communication to Make a Difference
  • Team Building for Maximum Impact
  • Marketing and Sales Performance
  • Corporate and Individual Peak Performance

*John C. Maxwell has been named the world’s #1 leadership and management expert for several consecutive years.

It would be a privilege also to help those who aspire to be authors and entrepreneurs if these are areas of your interest.

Feel free to contact me for a quick coffee or chat. You’ll be surprised what can happen.

I look forward to adding value to you in your journey to further success and significance in life.

Make a lasting difference, and be a bigger blessing to others!JmtSeal





 What Others Say

Seck Wai Kwong, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at State Street Corporation:

“Benjamin and I served together at SGX and I was struck by his contagious enthusiasm and ability to build strong teams. It was clear that he believes in building to last — both the business and people driving it. He successfully delivered a growing business at SGX (over-the-counter clearing) that was the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific. Among what made it possible was his leadership with a heart that created a highly motivated and focused team. It’s exciting to see him put his experience intoiPOSSIBLE® to help others succeed.”


Introduction to iPOSSIBLE®

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties. iPOSSIBLE® shows you how to turn them around. It is practical, requiring renewed thinking, emotional control, believing, and acting. It applies the best of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds — the ethos, values and mindsets — to spur you to bigger dreams and a brighter future.

iPOSSIBLE® gives new hope, clarifies purpose, sharpens the mind and shows you steps to take. Regardless of circumstances, when you make decisions and take action, you will change your destiny.  If you desire this and Benjamin can be of assistance, email or message him. But you got to be serious!

Few have the benefit of real mentors in life. But this should not leave them discovering things late in life, when they can get a heads up from other effective sources. There are few key things that you can do to change your progress, future, and destiny.

On the other hand, you may already have successes, but desire more in life or need to reinvent yourself.  Like a successful sportsman, there is more. Even the best gets a coach to go further. Why? because there are blind spots, perspectives, and methods unknown to the sportsman.  Trial and error alone is a slow alternative that may or may not get you to where you want.

iPOSSIBLE® will trigger thoughts and changes in important parts of your life if you are open. At the end of each chapter there is a concise worksheet. This will help you get the best results from the book and also your own thinking, conclusions, and decisions. Importantly, the book concludes with smart actions you can take to transform your future financially.

If you would like to get a copy, click here: iPOSSIBLE® Book.

Thank you if you are already a Reader of iPOSSIBLE®. Congratulations for getting on the journey to your fullest possibilities. Join our iPOSSIBLE® Community! Invite your friend to like and join in to be encouraged and inspire for life.  Share with Benjamin what you are learning and your progress. He would love to hear from you: BenjaminFoo@iPossible-International.com.