“You’re Like the Father I Never Had!”

Deep sentiments I’ve never heard before!

Unsolicited. Spontaneous. Heartfelt.  With tears from several ladies and men.

No, they weren’t referring to me. But to a man who stands as a striking contrast to many other great people! I’ve never seen anyone quite like him. How I wish more were so. Perhaps, it’s for some of us to emulate and pass on a sliver of his example.

Most people, however, may never get to meet or connect with him. So, would it be okay, if I shared more?

It wasn’t all talk.

The man is the epitome of over-delivery in love and the love of giving! He practically gave his life’s work to us! And after a full day on his feet, he would hit the sack a 7 pm and wake up as early at 1 am to further customize his presentation and prepare for the next day! How’s that for commitment for 6 straight days?

Here’s a man who empowers people on the spot in the most practical of ways. That includes crafting your message and starting a business! There’s no doubt he truly desire to see people succeed. He’s not just a master communicator. With a rare clarity and precision of mind, he’s a master problem-solver who helps people to execute strategies to deliver solutions in quick time.  He’s trained and helped the best in the world to be effective in their crafts!

And relatives thought he was “retarded” when he was a young boy. But his mum would have none of that. Well, he’s proven to be extraordinary. We could learn something here, couldn’t we? Our past, however deprived and depraved, certainly does not determine our future! Don’t let  anyone, not even yourself, fool you otherwise.

What an eye-opening, mind-shifting, and life-transforming experience. Words can’t describe him adequately. He’s not perfect. None of us are. But he’s as authentic as it gets, and I’ve have never seen anything quite like this.

Ever grateful. Proud to call him mentor. Glad to be a work-in-progress — that means my best is yet to be!  Join me in this journey to your best.

So, I also look forward to helping more achieve purposeful lives that are successful and fulfilling in 3 simple steps. You will save years, find purpose, master emotions, create lasting income, extend a healthy life and impact others. Wouldn’t you want that?

To your greatest success and significance!

Benjamin Foo


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Benjamin Foo

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