“The biggest success factor in life is you! And that’s within your control.”

New Possibilities in 2015 Await You.

1st January 2015.

2015 will be an amazing year!

You may look forward to it with great anticipation. You may also see it as challenging and uncertain. Ready or not, it’s here. So, would it be alright for me to share some thoughts?

As we face the year, sometimes we have all the confidence that it takes, and sometimes we shudder at the thought of what lies ahead. Sometimes we are strong, and sometimes we are tired. The good news is that these feelings are common place. Everyone face these roller coaster emotions.

Sometimes you will face down times, simply because you are not getting the rest. Get the rest and restoration you need. The world and challenges look different when you are refreshed.  Sometimes, you just need right people around to hear you out and spur you on.

Success is a choice. Your choice! Believe you can. Disbelieve the contrary voices.

Let 2015 be a year of lasting difference. The difference happens to those who refuse to let their down time affect their up time. The difference happens to those who minimize their down time and maximize their up time. The difference happens to those who surround themselves with positive people and conditions. Let this site be another source of positive condition … a virtual friend. And if I may suggest, iPOSSIBLE can be a virtual coach.

Decide today to reach your possibilities in 2015. Dream. Dare. Do what it takes. Commitment is the act of doing the things you said you would eventhough the mood in which you said it is not there.  And let nothing and no one steal your dreams. You are born to win in life.

Let 2015 be really a NEW year and not the same usual thing.  Claim the fullest possibilities that is in store for you.  It’s big.  God bless you and your loved ones.  Have that amazing year, and bless others.

Cheering you on,



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Benjamin Foo