“Benjamin is powerful. I love his passion when he speaks on stage, and I can tell he loves and cares for people. With iPOSSIBLE™, Benjamin can now help more young adults run faster, reach their destinies beyond jobs, and enjoy fulfillment. Benjamin’s ability to move the masses to greatness puts him in a league of his own.
So listen to him. I look forward to working with him in Asia and around the world. The mark of greatness is upon Benjamin!”

-Johnny Wimbrey
TV personality, Celebrity Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author of From Hood to Doing Good: From Adversity to Prosperity Through the Choices You  Make

iPOSSIBLE™ comes from someone with a track record of making things possible! Benjamin has demonstrated a high degree of success in building teams and motivating people to go the extra mile by creating an environment that promotes teamwork. His insights into motivation are a valuable aid to anyone. Benjamin is also a passionate and engaging speaker.”

-Muthukrishnan Ramaswami
President, Singapore Exchange

“Benjamin and I served together at SGX and I was struck by his contagious enthusiasm and ability to build strong teams. It was clear that he believes in building to last- both the business and people driving it. He successfully delivered a growing business at SGX (over-the counter-clearing) that was the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. Among what made it motivated and focused team. It is exciting to see him put his experience into iPOSSIBLE™ to help others succeed.”

-Seck Wai Kwong
Executive Vice President & Head of Asia-Pacific, Global Markets and Global Services, State Street Bank & Trust Co.

“Great to see Benjamin Foo combine the experience and mindsets of both worlds- the corporate and entrepreneurial- in one concise book to help people succeed. I can imagine what this will do for those who are hungry and coachable, whether they are in careers, doing business, or seeking to be financially free.”

-Gerry Robert
Author of The Millionaire Mindset

 “Few people have capabilities spanning from marketing, speaking, product development, and new business start-up to running operations. Benjamin is one of them. Discover the how behind this in iPOSSIBLE™.”

-Ang Swee Tian
Chairman, ICE Futures Singapore; Director, COSCO Corporation (Singapore) Ltd, and China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Ltd; and former President, Singapore Exchange and Singapore International Monetary Exchange

 “This book is the culmination of Benjamin’s experiences in his multiple roles-son, husband father, the corporate world, spiritual friend- documenting reflections of his personal journeys and their applicability to life’s situations. I trust this reservoir of rich experiences will help young people find nuggets of treasures, acting as catalysts for them to look past life’s limitations to possibilities.”

-Tony Bin
CEO, Centurion Properties Pte Ltd

“With this exciting book in hand, young adults will discover things most would never have thought of. It is packed with value and real life experiences. It’s like a virtual mentor, When practiced, the proven principles enable people to leap ahead. But you’ve got to want it! And if you are a parent, this is a good one- practical advice you never quite had the opportunity to pass on!”

- Jean-Guy Francoeur
Author of Messy Manager

“Benjamin not only successfully builds teams that eneable corporations to meet their objectives, he also passionately develops talents. iPOSSIBLE™ helpes take people out of their box to get new perspectives and outcomes in life.”

-K.A. Chang
Partner, The Idea Factory and former CHRO of Singapore Exchange

iPOSSIBLE™ cuts to the chase on what you must know, change and take action on to get to the higher levels of success that you want. It will help you make the most of who you are and the opportunities that come your way.”

-James Macneil
Author of The Guru Builder

“Benjamin is one of the most driven and dynamic leaders I have encountered. I have witnessed his ‘no excuses’ delivery.
If you want to achieve in your life, pay close attention to what he teaches!”

-Robert Shearing
Entrepreneur and former banker, UK

“The ‘Transform Yourself Financially’ chapter in iPOSSIBLE™ gives a clear way for people to develop a game plan towards a brighter financial future and freedom. It also highlights the possibility that most individuals may be facing a financial cliff in their golden years if they do not take the necessary steps to avert it now.”

-Christopher Pua
Entrepreneur & Financial Architect

“iPOSSIBLE™ is an excellent personal development tool coming from someone who is passionate about people and goes all the way to help individuals succeed in their careers and in life. This isn’t theory. In our past and current interactions with Benjamin, socially and professionally, we have seen him develop new graduates to senior managers who are capable of delivering results.”

-Goh Jong Seng
Financial Services Professional

-Jane Yeo
Vice President, O&T Division, OCBC Bank

“When he speaks, Benjamin brings hope and motivates people to action. ‘Hear’ from him through iPOSSIBLE™ !
It can change your whole perspective on life.”

-Gabriel Han Foo
National Australia Bank, Melbourne

“I love iPOSSIBLE™!
That’s the spirit.
Live smart! Dare to act! Achieve your dreams!”

-Joe Lodico
Author/Producer of film, The Ride 2 Saigons

“Life is an interesting adventure, but it’s not fun getting side-tracked or lost sometimes. iPOSSIBLE™ brings hope if you feel side-tracked
It will change how you see things and help make your journey faster and more satisfying.”

-Alvin Yeong
Senior Manager, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“Life is an interesting adventure, but it’s no fun getting side-tracked or lost sometimes. iPOSSIBLE™ brings hope if you feel side-tracked.
It will change how you see things and help make your journey faster and more satisfying.”

-Belinda Yeo
Entrepreneur and director of renowned preschools in Singapore