Image_1417406677730[1]Foreword by Gerry Robert

Author of the bestseller,
The Millionaire Mindset


Every now and then, you may find an unusual, but inspiring character rising on the scene. The author of iPOSSIBLE™ is one of these people. And he has more surprises than meet the eye.

This visionary dared to leave his successful, top-paying management career in publicly-listed company to create a new and even brighter future. He’s packed what he’s learned from his successful career into this book, iPOSSIBLE™. So it’s not just talk. But, boy, can he also talk with passion when he gets it going. You’ve got to hear him!

I’m thrilled to see Benjamin Foo combine the experience and mindsets of both worlds-corporate and entrepreneurial-into one concise book to help people reach even greater heights. The possibilities are endless on what this will do for those of you who are hungry and coachable. Whatever stage of life you’re in, whether you’re just starting your career, or have been working for years, this guy will show you how to reach financial freedom.

Foo’s vision is to impact business, organizations, teams and people to boost their achievements and quickly reach their corporate and personal objectives. If you ever have a chance to work with Foo, don’t turn it down. He’s got a lot of great information, which will completely change your life and your outlook on the future.

And if you are parents of young adults, here’s your opportunity to give them a head start that will advance their future. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll be so glad you took the time to help them along.

So if you have a Millionaire Mindset like me, you’ll soon discover that iPOSSIBLE™ shows you how it is possible to reach your goals, both financial and personal, more quickly and with fewer obstacles.

I look forward to seeing and working with Foo on the stages of the world!


Gerry Robert
Author, The Millionaire Mindset